JUCE & C++ Consultant Membership

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Build your JUCE project without hiring a dev!

You're a burgeoning audio programmer and have some programming chops.

You've got great ideas for your plugin, but you don't want to hire a developer and pay them $150+/hr because you know you will figure out how to build that idea yourself eventually.

But that 'eventually' is starting to take a really long time.

Perhaps there's some stuff you haven't learned how to do. Maybe some multi-threaded programming, maybe some asynchronous programming, maybe some fancy GUI magic.

Either way, you have reached a roadblock in your project and it's killing your forward momentum!

Note: This membership can be used for PFM:: courses in place of the 30-day Mentorship extension if you're enrolled in a PFM course.

Join the JUCE & C++ Consultant Membership!

I will help you get past those roadblocks!

Got a weird C++ bug that you can't solve or diagnose?

Not sure what the best code design would be for a particular problem? 

Unsure how to best implement your design?

Don't want to deal with hiring a developer and paying them a ton of money to build stuff you know you could build yourself if you had a bit more in your programming tool belt?

I can help you flush out your designs, discuss snippets that generalize the problem you're trying to solve and help you implement the most efficient version of whatever you're building!

But don't take my word for it:

Work with me directly via Slack!

Note: This membership does not include any contractor-related duties. Examples of contractor-related duties include implementing features on your project, designing the spec for a project from scratch, or performing code reviews.  This Consultant Membership is designed for you to get the help you need to maintain forward progress on your project without having to hire a consultant or developer. If you need to share your project with me for me to look at your code, a Mutual Disclosure Agreement will be provided to protect your intellectual property.

Contract work can be acquired here: 


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JUCE & C++ Consultant Membership

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