A New Course Is On The Way!!

Hey Folks!

I am developing a new course!

A multi-band compressor Plugin with 5 bands!

The "freebie" plugin that will be used in another FreeCodeCamp tutorial video is done. It is shown below.

The full plugin is almost done.  I just have a few graphical tweaks to make before I start production on the course itself.

Help me decide the course format!

If you have 2 minutes, please click that blue button at the bottom and complete the Google Forms survey. There are 4 questions so it'll be quick.

By the way, my SimpleEQ tutorial video reached over 308K views on FreeCodeCamp's YouTube Channel!!! That's incredible!!

You can check out SimpleEQ here: https://www.programmingformusicians.com/simpleeq/

Thank you so much for supporting Matkat Music, ChordieApp, and ProgrammingForMusicians!

If you'd like to chat directly, grab one of my free PFM products and message me in the Slack Workspace for that product.




Help me pick the next course's format!