Ends TODAY: MatkatMusic 72-hr Halloween Sale

MatkatMusic is having a Halloween sale!!! (plus some free stuff is linked at the end!)

Arranging Horns Vol.2 Masterclass:

8+ hour Masterclass teaching how to arrange and program horns for a pop/r&b/fusion-ish track!

Click here to get $100 off: $49.99 (normally $149.99)

Arranging Horns Vol. 2 Logic Pro X Session

Get the Logic Pro X session from the Arranging Horns Vol. 2 Masterclass and study the mix and plugin settings!

Click here to get $200 off: $99.99 (normally $299.99)

PFM::C++ For Musicians

Click here to get $100 off: $329 (normally $429)

Get 6 months of 1-on-1 mentorship learning how to develop Audio Plugins with the JUCE framework!  No prior programming experience required! Trial available here: PFM::C++ Day 1-7 Experience

Learn more at https://www.programmingformusicians.com

The Mosley Mix!

Click here to get $40 off: $49.99 (normally $89.99)

Love the KBT Temple Praise Band videos from my YouTube channel? Learn how Glen Mosley mixed the songs!

Free stuff!

ShedWith.Me: K.C.'s 4-Chord Groove MIDI: https://gum.co/ShedWithMe4ChordMIDI

ShedWith.Me: K.C.'s 4-Chord Groove Breakdown: https://gum.co/ShedWithMe4ChordGrooveJam

ShedWith.Me - It Is Well Full Lesson: https://gum.co/ShedWithMeItIsWellFull

This sale ends Sunday, November 1st, 2020 @ 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time