My Story

Hey Folks!

Let me tell you my story. 

I spent close to 6 years teaching myself to program.  Roughly 4.5 of those 6 years were spent struggling daily to make progress and put all the pieces together so I could make something.  I would spend hours searching forums, watching youtube vids, and going through online tutorials to figure out how to make plugins and apps that do cool stuff.  The whole time I desperately wished there was someone I could study with or that some kind of guided course existed to save me from that perpetual struggle.  

I needed a mentor.  

The worst part with self-teaching is the constant hunting and guessing, not knowing if you're actually going in the right direction towards your goal.  The whole time I was struggling, I witnessed a bunch of other people experiencing the exact same struggle as me.  They were in different places in their journey.  Some were stuck in the beginning stages of learning: getting the default app to build.  Some were stuck on learning how to dial in the graphics or make their GUI widgets do something.  Some were stuck trying to get their audio plugins to make noise.  But they were all struggling just like I was.  A lot of them gave up because they couldn't seem to make any progress on their projects.  It was an endless stream of errors, or features not working, or bugs that couldn't be solved. 

When everything finally clicked for me, and I had that moment of enlightenment, I said to myself "This shouldn't be as hard as it is.  There needs to be a resource to stop people from this 'self-taught programmer' struggle.  If aspiring devs have lots of early victories while learning, they'll keep at it instead of quitting, which most people end up doing when they try to teach themselves how to program".  

That's when I decided to create this course and help them avoid going thru what I went through. 

Don't you wish you could spend less time guessing and hunting on Google for how to make whatever you're trying to make? 

Don't you wish you could get straight to the good stuff and skip all of the irrelevant parts that you'll never use in actual plugins and apps?  

Don't you wish you had someone to mentor you and guide you early on to make sure you're always going in the right direction?  

Less than 12 hours remain to get 6 weeks of mentoring while you embark on your journey learning C++ and Audio programming! 

Sign up for PFM::C++ For Musicians to get straight to the good stuff you'll use in real products and be mentored by me, a real working developer in the audio software industry!


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