Project 10

Hey Folks!

I'm happy to announce Project 10, included in PFM::C++ For Musicians!!

Project 10 is a multi-meter plugin project you'll build from scratch for the D.A.W as your final project for the course.  

Learn more here:

Anyone who has ever enrolled in PFM::C++ For Musicians can start building this plugin right away if they have completed either of the following:

  • All chapter tasks, if you were enrolled in 2019
  • All 9 projects, if you enrolled in 2020

Project 10 has the following features:

  • RMS Meter – with instant and averaged displays
  • Peak Meter – with instant and averaged displays
  • RMS & Peak meters feature adjustable hold/decay/average times
  • Goniometer – with scaling
  • Correlation Meter
  • Histogram

Experience Days 1-7 of PFM::C++ For Musicians today in the free course preview!

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